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Specialized Arabian Solutions Company for the manufacture of billboards was established in 2010 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as one of the Al-Moaya Advertising Group. The company was keen during that period to provide its own services to the facilities operating in the panel manufacturing sector by providing most of the production requirements of raw materials, drilling, cutting and printing machines of all kinds on all surfaces and with the latest specifications.

External Panels

ELEMENT OF THE BEAUTY OF MODERN CITIES That is why it has become subject to technical requirements and foundations, we at the Specialized Arab Solutions Company meet all your needs in accordance with technical specifications & government requirements with the highest quality standards

Cladding facades

The uses of cladding have become multiple, so it is used in cladding the facades of buildings. We provide you with all types of cladding, the best quality, and most of its multiple forms, whether it is modern or classic, according to internal or external use and according to the required specifications and standards

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is the means that companies use to create a potential force in building positive awareness among customers about their services, products and offerings.<br />We offer you a variety of outdoor advertising methods in various places, sizes and specification