Advertising fences

One of the important conditions when doing any construction project is to provide an advertising fence around the project.

We provide you with many options in advertising fences, whether they are wood, iron, tape or banner

Cladding facades

The uses of cladding have become multiple, so it is used in cladding the facades of buildings. We provide you with all types of cladding, the best quality, and most of its multiple forms, whether it is modern or classic, according to internal or external use and according to the required specifications and standards

External Panels


That is why it has become subject to technical requirements and foundations, we at the Specialized Arab Solutions Company meet all your needs in accordance with technical specifications & government requirements with the highest quality standard

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is the means that companies use to create a potential force in building positive awareness among customers about their services, products and offerings.

We offer you a variety of outdoor advertising methods in various places, sizes and specifications

Interior Panels

We provide our customers with a variety of internal panel systems to cover all customer needs, whether fixed, movable or temporary panels, as well as digital and interactive panels, which always ensures the availability of a large assortment for customers between building nameplates, digital and interactive panels


There is no doubt that road signs have become one of the standards of safety, security and guidance over time

We offer skill, ingenuity and a full ability to combine a number of materials to design professional paintings that help you attract attention to your facility, and are distinguished by speed in implementation and professionalism at work.

Neon Sign

Neon panels are light tubes that contain gas. These light panels are made by bending a glass tube and forming according to the required shape.

We have a specialized technical team to manufacture and shape these panels with high quality and precision

Printing stickers & stands The work of solids

Our digital printing offerings include vehicle & building advertisements, display stands, rollers, pop-up windows, backgrounds & wall graphics, glass graphics, & posters. Our digitalservices can help you move to a new media in a healthy way.

We believe that the right idea combined with correct design and correct technology leads to correct results.

Promotion gifts

Promotion gifts and promotional products always leave a great impression, we design specialized and unique gifts for companies to market the brand with the company logo.